Case Studies

Moosejaw Drives Loyalty With Predictive Analytics
Takeout: Tap customer behavior and predictive analytics to drive marketing efforts.
Source: Retail TouchPoints

What Brands Can Learn From The Integrated Share A Coke Campaign Of 2013
Takeout: Evaluate campaign impact by analyzing actual exposure and change in behavior and attitudes.
Source: The Drum

A LifeScan Researcher Extols The Value Of Active Management Of The Research Process
Takeout: Actively engage stakeholders from design to delivery to ensure project relevance, buy-in, and action.
Source: Quirk’s

Activating Segmentation Through Storytelling
Takeout: Market your projects internally with story telling, creative packaging, and promotion to elevate the appeal and impact of project results.
Source: Quirk’s

Lego Boosts Sales And Brand Loyalty With Revamped Marketing Strategy
Takeout: Develop true consumer understanding by embedding continuous feedback in the business.
Source: Retail TouchPoints

Nike And Neuroscience: Tick Tock Or Why Timing Will Make Or Break You
Takeout: Better understand the impact of ad scene timing with neuroscience to strengthen creative elements such as branding.
Source: AdNews

How P&G Used Agile Research To Keep Up With Consumers
Takeout: Leverage agile research methods for real time results and in-flight modifications.
Source: Quirk’s

Providing A Customer-Centric Service
Takeout: Integrate external and internal research and socialization efforts to enhance insight impact and, ultimately, customer centricity.
Source: The Times 100

New Products From Market Research
Takeout: Maximize new product success and minimize risk through holistic integration of product and marketing programs.
Source: The Times 100

Bringing Your Brand To Life Through Compelling Content Marketing
Takeout: Capitalize on social media to both understand and engage consumers.
Source: Hotel Business Review

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