GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, 14th Edition
Description: Annual survey of market research professionals, indicating that while online communities, social media, and mobile are the paths to growth, the majority of market research is still based on traditional methodologies.
Source: GreenBook

Quirk’s Corporate Research Report, 1st Edition
Description: Annual survey of market research professionals, indicating that despite industry evolution, actioning market research continues to be a key challenge for businesses.
Source: Quirk’s

SAP 2013 Big Data Opportunities Survey
Description: Survey of business intelligence professionals, indicating that many Big Data issues are still addressed using conventional technologies, with transactional data the most predominant information source.
Source: SAP and Unisphere Research

Design Thinking The Book
Description: Introduction to Design Thinking, integrating consumer immersion, ideation, and prototyping to improve NPD efforts.
Source: MJV Tecnologia & Inovação

Data Integration Primer
Description: Introduction to data integration methods, requirements, and potential limitations.
Source: US Department Of Transportation

Data Mining For The Masses
Description: Introduction to data mining process, techniques, and considerations.
Source: Creative Commons

The Text Mining Handbook
Description: Foundational knowledge for text analytics.
Source: Web Technology Lab

Free Infographics
Description: Infographic samples for impactful communication of insights.
Source: KISSmetrics

20 Inspiring Big Data Visualization Examples
Description: Data visualization best practices to ignite creativity.
Source: Web Analytics And Multi-Channel Blog

Interactive Data Visualization Examples + Tools
Description: Interactive data visualization examples to draw from.
Source: CSSDA

24 Beautifully-Designed Web Dashboards That Data Geeks Will Love
Description: Dashboard ideas for inspiration.
Source: Econsultancy

Why Projects Fail
Comprehensive summary of project management pitfalls.
Source: Calleam Consulting

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